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We have another section you can shop from too! Each store has different products so you'll find many more great pads there, and most stores will ship Internationally.


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It is with some regret that we have an announcement to make.
As the new year is a time for making changes, we have decided that it is time to close the US/CAN section of Cloth Pad Shop. This section of the CPS site has been rather quiet for a while, and with the decision by some pad makers not to continue selling cloth pads in 2015 due to the FDA regulations on cloth pads, it seemed like now was the time to close this section of the site down.
We would like to thank all the stores and customers who have been part of Cloth Pad Shop US/CAN since it opened in 2008. We have seen some wonderful pads and other products and served many customers.
The Australian section of Cloth Pad Shop will continue to remain open, (though there will no longer be sections as it will be the one store) and some of the US/Canadian sellers will be reopening their stores there.
We hope you will pop over and have a look at the great products available, no matter where you live, as most of our stores do ship Internationally. However many are not able to ship to the US due to the FDA regulations.



If you would like more information on cloth pads - including how to use them, washing instructions and even tutorials on how to make your own, please see the "Eco Menses" website. For more information on providing cloth pads for impoverished women around the world (particularly in Africa), please see the Donate Pads website.